Reviews of our customers

Canami pet products are positively evaluated by our customers. Check out their loving reviews and support your pets' health.

Lenka Němcová

I am satisfied with the products.

Our Claudia had a lump on her elbow at the age of nine and a half, initially it was treated as bursitis. In the end, Claudia had to have surgery to cut out the lump. The wound healed poorly, as histology confirmed a sarcoma. We were suggested an amputation, which Claudia underwent two months ago. Since amputation is a major intervention in the organism, I started looking for what would help her, what would get her back on her feet. I wanted some CBD oil, and on the advice of a friend, I was most interested in Canami A FLEX syrup , which I alternate with Bromelain . Thanks to these products, Claudia has started to look better, she is in good shape and she even likes it. I am satisfied with these products.

Kristýna Kristová

The A-FLEX preparation has proven itself very well for us.

We adopted Louie from the shelter, he is 2 years old. He was taken from inadequate conditions where he was very neglected. We are now trying to make up for his first two years of life with quality food and the A-FLEX preparation, which has proven itself very well for us.

Michaela Ucháľová

Thanks to A-Flex, no lameness has recurred.

Airbourne Gracious Support, 8 years BOM all life in full load. After sprained ligaments and several injuries from defenses with greater load, he limped from about 4 years old. From the first use , A-Flex got him back into the game and no lameness has ever recurred.

Even though he is retired, he is still in great shape and handles the load like a youngster.

Šárka Boháčová

A-Flex Bromelain helps us live an active life full of walks.

A-Flex with Bromelain helped Peggynka overcome the rest mode after surgery for torn cruciate ligaments. And on both knees. It continues to help us live an active life full of walks.

Zuzana Novotná

I use A-Flex for dogs and horses and I am very satisfied.

I'm glad this product exists. I use it for a dog and a horse and I am very satisfied.

It is affordable and, above all, it is very tasty for both dogs and horses, both of them could eat it.

I don't have a problem with animals not eating it. I can't get some food supplements into them, but A-FLEX without any problems.

Alžběta Košťálová

We will definitely buy another package.

A-flex is affordable joint nutrition. I really like the form of the syrup, which the dogs can easily consume together with their food. We will definitely buy another package.